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السبت، 18 أبريل 2020

أبريل 18, 2020

Opinion: were these the five best BTCC title battles of all time?

Opinion: were these the five best BTCC title battles of all time?

The British Touring Car Championship is loved by fans for its outstanding racing performance-this inevitably caused a lot of drama and occasionally caused controversy. When the 2020 season finally recovers, Autocar will support the series again, so you can inspire your appetite whenever possible. Here are the five most exciting showdowns in BTCC history.

People remember the BTCC era of the Super Tour in the 1990s, but there are very few championship fights. However, this battle did end in the 1998 classic, super competitive season. Eight manufacturers participated in the race, and nine different drivers won the race. At the beginning of the season, Rickard Rydell (Volvo S40) and Anthony Reid (Nissan Primera) clashed and they competed for the championship at Silverstone. Although Reed won the final, the Swedes won the championship.

4 - Fastest lap nets crown (2004)

In the early 2000s, BTCC's racing was very low, but a series of intra-team battles between the drivers of the main Vauxhall team created a lot of drama. Yvan Muller (James Thompson) and James Thompson (James Thompson) in the championship battle in 2004 to the end of the Donnington finale. Thompson trailed Muller in the standings after the second game, and his hopes seemed to end with the French domination in the final. But Thompson struggled for the third place and won the title with a single point-he won the championship by creating the fastest lap in the game.

3 - Turkington’s unlikely comeback (2019)

Last year, BMW drivers Colin Tuckington and Andrew Jordan and Honda team's Dan Kamish's three matchup was full of drama. After two games with Cammish's teammate Matt Neal, the championship leader Turkington seems to have no dispute. The large cost of starting from the 25th place in the final seems to be in vain-it wasn't until Cammish developed later technical issues and withdrew from the race that the Northern Irishman won his record fourth BTCC championship.

2 - Controversial clash helps Harvey (1992)

In the Silverstone final, John Cleland (Vauxhall) leads Tim Harvey (BMW) and Will Hoy (Toyota) with a slight advantage. Their battle led to a controversial conflict between Cleland and Harvey's teammate Steve Thorper. With Cleland leaving, Harvey won the fourth place and the title.

1 - Sears vs Sopwith (1958)

The first British four-door sedan championship has multiple levels. Jack Sears (Austin A105) and Tommy Sopwith (Jaguar Mk2) ruled their divisions and ended the year with the standings, so the boss of the series is in Brands Hatch (Brands Hatch) tie-break, the two in a pair of Lotus Riley (Lotus Riley) for two five-lap sprints 1.5 seconds Sears (Sears) dominate and won the championship.

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أبريل 07, 2020

Top 10 best electric cars 2020

Top 10 best electric cars 2020

The rise of electric cars has of course been a long time, but this looks like the year when electric cars finally usher in an important moment. Why don't they? Electric vehicles (EVs) allow you to drive quietly and achieve zero emissions. You don't need to pay road tax, London residents don't need to worry about traffic jams, the government will even give you a subsidy to buy.

As the distance between mainline charging increases and charging infrastructure improves, electric vehicles can replace gasoline or diesel fuel models almost a month ago. So far, the choice has been very slow, but with the arrival of the first batch of EVs from Mini, Honda, Peugeot and other companies, it is scheduled to appear in 2020.

It first appeared about ten years ago. The first batch of electric vehicles on the market were cars with a range of about 80 miles, and their prices were 50% higher than similar products that used gasoline as fuel. Now, in many cases, the real-world price range has more than doubled, and the price premium has almost disappeared.

This is our list of the top ten affordable electric vehicles, which takes into account factors such as scope and availability, driving power and value for money. Compared with internal combustion engine cars, some cars still have to bear higher prices, but they can be offset by lower operating costs.

The most affordable electric car in 2020

1. Kia e-Niro

Kia e-Niro redefines the realistic range and family-friendly usability we expect now, from electric cars to the more affordable end of the price range. The car's 64kWh battery pack costs about 35,000 pounds, and it can comfortably travel 230 miles on a single charge; further, if you are not on a highway or near a town. A few years ago, this was the price range you expected, the price may be much higher, and the Tesla badge may be affixed to its nose

This type of challenging relationship between scope and affordability is not the only reason e-Niro is now on this list. If it does, Hyundai Kona will be there. However, e-Niro's lead is that it is still a fully usable, practical, and pleasant to drive electric car. In terms of price, it is more spacious than almost all other EVs, and has a higher degree of maturity and sense of accomplishment when driving and maneuvering. It may lack the acceleration capabilities competitors have, but as a comprehensive, truly affordable electric car, e-Niro will be hit.

2. Volkswagen ID 3

Volkswagen hopes to move forward from the aftermath of Dieselgate, ID 3 will become the brand's environmental prodigy. This golf-sized hatchback also makes the new "ID" sub-brand stand out, and aims to achieve this through the kind of mass market maturity and first-class usability that is known to the mass market.

The ID 3 is built on a brand-new rear engine platform with a long wheelbase that increases the advantages of cabin space and is powered by 201bhp and 229lb ft rear engines. The initial impressions of the prototype car driven in 2019 indicate that it has problems with mobility and low-speed response, and it seems to have reached the company's high standards in terms of driving complexity.

The price has not yet been determined, but ID 3 may sit at the high end of the EV hatchback class, the entry-level model (equipped with a 58kWh battery) costs slightly less than £ 30,000 (after PiCG) and the 77kWh version, it should be managed in the real world The 300-mile voyage costs nearly £ 35,000.

3. Peugeot e-208

The all-electric version of the 208 Super Mini is one of several compact electric vehicles launched by PSA Group this year. After writing these words, this is the only phone we are driving on the British highway (after the related DS3 Crossback E-Tense and Vauxhall Corsa-e). Due to its practical range, performance, value, practicality, style, perceived quality and driver's attractiveness, obviously, if you want to buy the first electric car this year, it is worth your high evaluation.

Unlike an electric car with a more low-rent feel, the car's material-rich interior makes it as eye-catching as a stylish body. The practicality is comparable to that of Renault Zoe, and it is better than that of the Mini Electric. It also beats these two main competitors with compactness, and its performance is quite strong.

Some smaller EVs lack flexibility, and these EVs often have difficulty controlling their own quality. The steering of the steering wheel is very noticeable, although if you drive more enthusiastically, the control performance of the body will be reduced. Even so, the roundness of the e-208 ’s driving experience is still impressive.

The real-world range is suitable for 170 miles of mixed use, but if you spend a longer time on the highway, it may be slightly lower. For a car of this size and price, this is commendable.

4. Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh

Until recently, an electric car that was sufficient to combine a true 300-mile daily use range with a price below £ 30,000 seemed far away. However, Hyundai Kona Electric achieved this goal only a few years ago. It is a coup for its ambitious Korean manufacturer.

By taking advantage of the huge competitive advantage that it must have in the ability to buy batteries, Hyundai Motor delivered this car to the road with its advantages in on-board electrical storage, which has a considerable advantage over many cars on this list. At typical British highway speeds, the cruising range is more than 250 miles, while on slower sections or around towns, the cruising range is more than 300 miles. Moreover, in this car, its acceleration performance is much stronger than its closest competitor. Kona Electric is fast enough to even hatchback hatchbacks away from traffic lights.

This car has low rents and limited interior space, and it can't be compared to the practicality of a full-size family hatchback. In addition, the car's driving and handling are also a bit frustrating, and both feelings are compromised by its weight and the low-friction tires used. However, if you want to provide comprehensive coverage for smaller expenses, you may still find it.

6. Mini appliances

Mini has been preparing for entering the electric vehicle market for a long time. But now that it is finally there, it undoubtedly brings all the fun factors you expect from the brand-despite the packaging of some equally typical usability restrictions.

Mini Electric is only based on the three-door Mini body shell and uses the BMW i3S powertrain to give it a very healthy 181bhp and 199lb ft of torque. Performance is significantly better than many cars you can match on this list, but in the long-lasting Mini brand dynamic tradition, handling is daunting, timid and agile.

The scope is to catch. The Mini claims 144 miles; in fact, depending on how you drive and how you drive, you are more likely to earn between 100- and 120-. And that is in a car with a small tail box, the rear seats are difficult to enter, except for young children, seldom used by anyone else.

Obviously, this is not a "uniform" electric product, but its price is surprisingly competitive, and if its limitations do not cause you trouble, it may become the only way to show you how to reward electric vehicles car. Yes.

6. Kia Soul EV

Kia's square compact crossover is back to the third generation, but this soul war will be exclusively provided as an electric car in the European market.

Although it is not a special sport, it has good riding performance and strong performance, and it is not excessive in its curb weight of 1682 kg. And because it uses the same powertrain as the slightly larger e-Niro, when equipped with a 64kWh battery, it is expected to obtain 280 miles of WLTP certification. Well, this is very convenient. This is the only battery that Kia will provide in the UK when it is released in the UK next year.

Encouraged by the British government, prices in the UK start from £ 33,795, so this car is only a few thousand pounds cheaper than the Kia e-Niro, which is slightly more practical. However, it has more attractive alternative styles than e-Niro, and should easily attract those who do not need as much space as the showroom.

7. Nissan leaves

The first-generation form of Nissan LeFont set an example for affordable electric vehicles a decade ago; while in the new second-generation form, Nissan LeFont still stands out among its many followers.

After increasing the battery capacity by 25%, Nissan is now ahead of some of its competitors with 168 miles of WLTP certification. Compared to its immediate predecessor, its power and torque are also much greater; the performance is quite sharp; overall it feels like a more rounded car; and here shows one of the strongest performances in the daily practicality of a small family .

The value proposition has also been improved. Once the government ’s £ 3,000 PiCG grant is taken into account, this value proposition is comparable to a traditional family-driven medium hatchback, consolidating the car ’s advantages. This is our default recommendation for anyone who wants to simply replace a fossil fuel for a family hatchback with an electric person who can do the same job and do a good job.

8. Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe (Renault Zoe) is always an attractive short hopper electric ultra-small engine, even if it is equipped with a 22kWh battery and only 80 miles of real driving range. During the mid-range update, the usability of the car has been improved, but by providing a 41kWh battery option, in warm weather, the car can become a 150-mile real-world hybrid product.

There is now a fully updated version with a major design update, plus a 52kWh battery and WLTP cycle, and a cruising range of 245 miles; or about 180-200- mixed in the real world. Compared with British competitors, it still has a high price-performance ratio. The British government's PiCG incentives have reduced the entry price of this car to around 25,000 pounds. Driving is still very flattering: very compact and quiet-although there are some feelings about the controls.

Finally, although Zoe could not charge fast on the highway like some competitors before, CCS fast charging is now available, which means that Zoe is still the ideal entry point into EV.

9. Honda E

Honda ’s first all-electric car, the Honda E Super Mini, adopts the method of the left field. It is extremely compact for electric cars and has been innovative in many ways. The rear electric motor guarantees packaging efficiency (although the car itself cannot keep up with its operation), while the fully independent suspension heralds the complexity of driving and handling of a larger car (this car can actually provide better transaction).

The car is available in 134bhp and 151bhp, but neither has a competitor's battery capacity: here only has a "gross weight" of 35.5kWh, which makes WLTP's maximum cruising range of 137 miles (wheel rolling 16 inches). In the test, it was difficult for us to obtain more than 100 from the test car equipped with 17-inch equipment.

In terms of driving, the Honda E feels comfortable, strong and easy to operate, moderate steering speed, but tight cornering, moderate performance but responsive. It will not be exciting, but it will create a relaxing city car, although its usable space is smaller than Mini Electric. And its alternative style should also make a lot of recommendations.

10. BMW i3

i3 has a rare quality of electric cars: attractive in many ways. You may want one because of its appearance, or it may take some time because of its driving method. Either way, you may actually not care about its electricity, such as the power of various gravitational forces in a car.

The i3's short wheelbase will make it nervous on the highway, but its sharp handling allows it to flourish in the urban environment it is designed for.

This is thanks to its innovative carbon fiber reinforced plastic chassis, which ensures that the car is very light. The 168bhp electric motor (i3S's power increased to 181bhp) provides peak torque at zero speed; therefore, although the car's top speed is only 99 mph, it still has strong performance when it reaches the car and will not let warm The hatchback felt ashamed.

Using this kind of performance will indeed affect the true cruising range of the car, although the 42.2kWh battery was added in early 2019, which finally made the i3 break the 150-mile barrier of actual cruising range.

Until recently, BMW also provided a range extender version with a spare gasoline engine, but it discontinued the i3 REX in 2018.

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أبريل 05, 2020

Honda Compares CR-V To RAV4, Forester, Rogue

Honda Compares CR-V To RAV4, Forester, Rogue

Honda CR-V versus the world.

The marketing of midsize SUVs is the battlefield where fortunes are made. Families don't want Honda Accords, Subaru Legacys, or Nissan Altimas, instead they flock to comparable brand SUVs for their preferred form of transportation. This battlefield is so hotly contested that Honda has created a series of ads that directly compares its CR-V SUV to the competition.

As a consumer, I'm sure you've seen a fair amount of car commercials on TV or when you're trying to watch your favorite YouTube video. Today, instead of pressing the jump or run button to the kitchen for some snacks, we're going to see three Honda ads in the name of science.

Honda's first CR-V announcement takes the Toyota RAV-4 or Titan from this segment. Since the RAV-4 is the CR-V's most powerful opponent, Honda makes a better case for its SUV. Honda claims the CR-V has more interior space than the RAV-4, offers a standard sunroof and heated seats, and is finally priced at $ 2,000 less than a RAV-4.

The series of announcements continues with comparisons to the Subaru Forester and the Nissan Rogue as other competitive Japanese SUVs that can take the market share of the CR-V. Ads like this can provide useful information, but listening to the information is essential. Like, for example, the CR-V base price comparison with a better-tuned RAV-4 XLE competitor.

أبريل 05, 2020

Fisker Ocean To Get The Off-Road Treatment

Fisker Ocean to get the off-road treatment

للحصول على الكود السرى : اضغط هنا

Is this the off-road SUV You've been waiting for?

The Fisker Ocean SUV may still be a few years away from production, but that hasn't stopped Fisker from introducing a new off-road trim for its fledgling SUV. The Fisker Ocean is meant to bring green EV performance to the masses thanks to its affordable base price and impressive EV stats, but are they customers interested in an off-road Fisker, or is it an attempt to get attention while figuring out how to build? Your SUV in time for the production date 2021?

When the Fisker Ocean SUV was revealed before the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, it took the world by storm. Fisker promised that Ocean SUV customers would benefit from a starting price of just $ 37,000. To reserve an Ocean, prospective customers can deposit a $ 250 deposit to get online for the production start date of 2021.

In addition to the impressive prices, the Ocean SUV offers similar performance to what you would expect from a much more expensive Tesla. The Ocean boasts a total output of over 300 horsepower that drives the Ocean from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. Fisker claims that the Ocean will have a range of 300 miles and will use a fast charger to gain 200 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging.

Fisker plans to unveil the off-road version of the Ocean SUV in 2021 to show the application of the electric SUV as an electric alternative to current military transportation and the replacement of a gasoline-powered off-road vehicle. Fisker claims that the low center of gravity provided by the battery pack is a huge plus for the off-roader in addition to the torque of electric motors.

Would you take a Fisker Ocean on the next Electric Hummer? Or would you rather stick with a tried and true Land Rover Jeep Wrangler for your off-road adventures?

Source: Top Gear

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أبريل 02, 2020

مشاهدة مسلسل البرنس الحلقة الاولي | رمضان يجمعنا

للحصول على الكود السرى :اضغط هنا 

مشاهدة مسلسل البرنس الحلقة الاولي بجودة عالية مشاهدة اون لاين تحميل مباشر على اكثر من سيرفر.، مشاهدة فورية جودة HD بدون تحميل على الهاتف بدون اعلانات مزعجة رمضان يجمعنا .

مسلسل البرنس

مسلسل البرنس الحلقة الاولي

تدور احداث مسلسل البرنس :

محمد رمضان يلعب سباك السيارات وهو متزوج من نجلاء بدر التي توفيت في سلسلة من الأحداث ، أما بالنسبة للأبطال الآخرين فإن أدوارهم مختلفة خاصة أحمد زاهر وروجينا. محمد سامي.

يتضمن مسلسل "الأمير" إنتاج سينرجي الذي يضم محمد رمضان ، نور اللبناني ، عبد العزيز مخيون ، أحمد زاهر ، روجينا ، نجلاء بدر ، إدوارد ، دنيا عبد العزيز ، سلوى عثمان ، ريم سامي ، محمد علاء ، أحلام الجريتيلي ، محمد. علاء ، أحمد داش ، إلخ.

ستعرض دنيا عبد العزيز دور الأخت محمد رمضان في المسابقة الرمضانية القادمة التي ستعرض في السباق الرمضاني القادم. بدأت دنيا بتصوير مشاهدها في الزخرفة الرئيسية لعملها في مدينة الإنتاج الإعلامي ، وجمع مشاهد بينها وبين رمضان إخراج محمد سامي.

جمعت سلسلة "البرنس" رمضان ورمضان معاً للمرة الثانية بعد تقديم سلسلة "الأسطورة" ، وحققت نجاحًا كبيرًا في وقت التقديم ، مع فردوس عبد الحميد ، مي عمر ، روجينا ، هادي. -Gyyar وغيرهم. والمسلسل البرنس بطولة محمد رمضان من إنتاج المخرج الكبير محمد سامى .

أغنية شارع أيامي - من مسلسل البرنس بطولة محمد رمضان / غناء حسن شاكوش

الأحد، 29 مارس 2020

مارس 29, 2020

"كمامات " بمواصفات روسية للوقاية من كورونا.. تحتوي على 4 طبقات ومعقمة

"كمامات " بمواصفات روسية للوقاية من كورونا.. تحتوي على 4 طبقات ومعقمة

وصف وزير الصحة الروسي ميخائيل موراشكو "الكمامة" المثالية ، التي يمكن أن تحمي من فيروس الهالة الناشئ ، وتتكون من أربع طبقات من الضمادات الطبية للحماية الفعالة ضد الهالة.

وقال الوزير إن "هذه الأقنعة تم اختبارها وخياطتها من قبل الشركات المصنعة ، ثم تم تسليمها إلى المنظمات الطبية والصيدليات" ، وفقًا لموقع "سبوتنيك" الروسي.

تتكون الأقنعة للاستخدام الفردي من ثلاث طبقات ومع ذلك ، هناك نماذج ذات حماية إضافية ، وقد تحتوي الطبقة الخارجية من القناع على طبقة طاردة للماء ، وأحيانًا تكون طبقة الكمامة مشربة بصيغة مضادة للبكتيريا.

قناع الضمادة منتشر لأنه يمكن صنعه بسهولة حتى في المنزل. لا يتطلب سوى بضع طبقات من الضمادة المعقمة. يُسمح بارتداء هذه الكمامات لمدة لا تزيد عن ثلاث ساعات. من المستحسن أيضًا استخدام القناع خلال فترة الوباء أو في المؤسسات الطبية لمدة لا تزيد عن ساعتين.

من ناحية أخرى ، كشف تقرير لصحيفة ديلي ميل البريطانية عن مفاجأة جديدة حول فترة البقاء على الأسطح المختلفة حيث يعيش فيروس كورونا على أقنعة الوجه لمدة تصل إلى سبعة أيام ، ويتم دراسة فيروس التاجي الجديد بسرعة لفهم إلى متى تظل معدية على الأسطح المختلفة في ظل ظروف معينة.

كشفت دراسة بحثية في هونج كونج أنه لا يزال من الممكن اكتشاف مستوى كبير من الفيروسات المعدية على الطبقة الخارجية للقناع الجراحي بعد سبعة أيام.

كشفت منظمة الصحة العالمية أنه من غير المرجح أن يلوث الناس السلع التجارية ، بما في ذلك تلك التي يتم شحنها عن طريق البريد.

وقال "احتمال إصابة الشخص بالكورونا بعد انخفاض البضائع التجارية ، كما أن خطر الإصابة بفيروس COVID-19 من عبوة تم نقلها وسفرها والتعرض لظروف ودرجات حرارة مختلفة منخفض". بيان صادر عن منظمة الصحة العالمية.

السبت، 28 مارس 2020

مارس 28, 2020

خلطات تفتيح البشرة من الصيدليه

خلطات تفتيح من الصيدليه 

في هذه المقالة ، سنتحدث عن 4 مكونات تشارك في تكوين مخاليط تفتيح من الصيدلية ، والتي يسألها الكثير من الفتيات والنساء عن تفتيح الجسم والجلد. هناك بعض المكونات التي توجد غالبًا في تركيبات تفتيح البشرة التي تنتجها الصيدليات والشركات.

وسوف نقدم لكم  3 ماسكات يمكن تحضيرها فى المنزل للحصول على بشرة بيضاء نقية خالية من الصبغات والشوائب والبقع الداكنة. يعتبر الأرز من أهم مكونات خلطات تفتيح البشرة وله فوائد مذهلة.

ماسك الأرز وحبة البركة:

ضعي كوبًا من الماء في وعاء على النار حتى الغليان ، ثم أضيفي ملعقتين كبيرتين من
الأرز المصري المطحون وقلب الخليط حتى يصبح مثل الكريمة ، ثم أضيفي ملعقة كبيرة
من الحبوب المطحونة من البذور المباركة واستمري في التقليب حتى يتحول الخليط إلى
اللون الرمادي ، ثم يرفع القدر من النار ويحافظ على الاتساق الذي تم الحصول عليه من
خلطات التبييض.

اغسل وجهك بالماء الساخن أولاً لتفتيح مسام بشرتك بحيث يمكن امتصاصه بسهولة
بواسطة القناع ، ثم ضع القناع على وجهك في حركات دائرية من الأسفل إلى الأعلى
واتركه لمدة نصف ساعة. ثم اغسل وجهك واشطفه جيدًا بالماء ، ثم جففه بمنشفة قطنية

قناع الأرز والبرتقال:

اخلطي ملعقة كبيرة من الأرز المطحون مع نصف عصير برتقال ، ثم ضعي الخليط
على بشرتك واتركيه لمدة 20 دقيقة ، ثم اغسلي بشرتك بالماء الدافئ.

قناع الأرز والعسل:

اخلطي ملعقة كبيرة من العسل مع ملعقة كبيرة من الأرز المطحون ونصف عصير
البرتقال ونصف عصير الليمون ، ثم ضعي الخليط على بشرتك واتركيه لمدة نصف
ساعة ، ثم اغسلي وجهك واغسليه جيدًا بالماء الفاتر ، واحصلي على جلد جديد بعد
استخدام مخاليط تفتيح البشرة.

شاهد ايضا :قناع الـ Mutli- masking لتبييض البشرة

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